Thursday, 24 December 2015

A coach for Louis XIV

Pendraken 17/18th Century Carriage

I finally got round to basing the coach I plan to use as the C-in-C for my French Nine Years War/League of Augsburg forces. This was painted by Michael Sims of Mickeys Minis I actually received this back in September but due to the move I did not unpack it or the rest of the French commission until last week. I based it on a 60mm x 80mm base as narrower bases just didn't look right. Due to this I think the driver's head will need to be the measuring point for command distance. 

The army is on the large size, 36 infantry units and 24 of horse plus artillery, I will be adding a few units of Dragoons when the are released as well. I will be adding photos of these as soon as I finish basing them all, along with the rest of the LoA project.

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